Check out the 7-year old chimp Ayumu play this memory game:

(sorry, I think playback on other sites is disabled for the embedded clip - so you’ll have to go to youtube to watch it)

Then, try your hand at the same game! The rules are simple:

  • Click the white circle
  • The numbers 1-5 numbers will flash for 200 ms before become hidden behind white squares
    • both the number of numbers (5) and the amount of time they will show for (200ms) are configurable via the sliders below the game
  • Click on the squares corresponding to the numbers in ascending order, i.e. click on the square hiding 1 first, then 2, and so on
  • See how many sequences you can get right in a row!

I highly recommend playing with all 9 numbers a few times and then re-watch the youtube video to fully appreciate Ayumu’s inhuman abilities.

Here’s another article about Ayumu.